Our Staff

Kimmy — Clinical Coordinator/Orthodontic Assistant

kimmy.jpgHobbies: I enjoy yoga and walking in my neighborhood.

Family: I have four nieces, one nephew and two great nieces that I really love spending time with.

Favorite Food: Chicken Romano

What I love about Pittsburgh: The small town feel!

From Kimmy: “I have worked for Dr. Smith for 34+ years. Our office is a great place to work and I truly enjoy talking to our patients and helping them get excited about their orthodontic treatment!”

Cathie — Financial/Insurance Coordinator

cathie.jpgHobbies: My boys are heavily involved in baseball. I enjoy watching them play!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cape May, New Jersey — I’ve been going there every year since 1990.

If Cathie was in the Wizard of Oz, she’d be… “The Wizard,” able to grant everyone’s wishes!

Family: My hubby, Mark, and two wonderful boys named Neil and Cody.

Favorite Memory from Smiles by Smith: A Christmas outing to Pittsburgh Glass

From Cathie: “I grew up in the North Hills and have worked in the dental field for 21 years. I enjoy working for Dr. Smith and the staff — lots of fun! Cathie@smilesbysmith.com — E-mail me with any questions!”

Linda — Treatment Coordinator

linda.jpgFavorite Food: anything and everything pumpkin!!

Family: My husband, Pete; two daughters, Chelsea and Brigitte; and two grandchildren, Tatum and Cavern

If Linda was in the Wizard of Oz, she’d be… “G(linda)” — the good witch, able to make all your dreams come true!

What I love about Pittsburgh: The people

From Linda: “I have worked in this office forever and a day and still enjoy it! Living in the area, I have the opportunity to see patients outside the office.”

Karen — Orthodontic Assistant


Family: Husband, Mike; and my two sons, Michael and Jeff. I also have two Yorkies, Georgie Girl and Hannah!

Favorite Actor: Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Swayze

Favorite Food: Seafood! Crab, clams, and lobster!

Most Memorable Time at Smiles by Smith: Delivering pumpkins to local dentists!

From Karen: “I have worked in the field of orthodontics for 21 years.  This is the most fun I have had in an office ever.”

Christina — Treatment Coordinator

Christina.jpgHobbies: skiing, cooking, scuba diving

Family: crazy Italian family!

Favorite Food: Italian, Latin—Asia fusion, Mexican, Seafood

Favorite Vacation Spot: Fort Lauderdale, FL

From Christina: “I’ve worked in other offices, and it’s refreshing to work in an office that truly cares. Each patient is seen with enthusiasm and compassion, something not easily found these days.”

Elaine — Treatment Coordinator

Elaine.jpgHobbies: Golden retrievers, my wonderful chickens and exploring Pittsburgh cuisine

Family: My daughter Alison who lives in Long Island and my daughter Lauren and her three beautiful little girls Abigail Alex and Charlotte

What I love about Pittsburgh: The Vibe, The great people, The food and the sports culture-It’s why I left New York!

My Next Vacation: Alaska in March to see the Iditarod and the Northern Lights

Emily — Orthodontic Assistant

Emily.jpgHobbies: Walking in north park

Favorite Vacation Spot: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Favorite Food: I like everything so I truly have no favorites!

What I love about Pittsburgh: How everyone gets so in to all the sports teams, I am a HUGE Pens fan!!

From Emily: I have worked in orthodontics previously, this is the most fun I have had! I love everyone I work with and Dr. Smith is an awesome boss!!