Patient Testimonials

At Smiles by Smith Orthodontics, we welcome your comments regarding your general impression of our Staff and Office. Read what others have to say!

 “Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. You and your staff were some of the most helpful people and the most pleasant people to be around. Thank you again for fixing my teeth.”
– Ethan

“I am so very grateful to all of you. Dr. Smith you are clearly a great orthodontist, but you know that you are only as good as the people with whom you work with. Your skill and thought of your staff is exceptional, and Cathie, Linda are two of my favorite people. Thank you to all of you.”
– D. Landis

“Evan recently got his braces here, and he did GREAT. I love their staff, they are so amazing with the kids. Evan had a not-so-great attitude at the first appointment, but warmed up to them by the time they put the braces on. Thanks for being so wonderful.”
– J. Guiste

“My daughter, Mia, was on a trip with my sister and had a problem with her braces. I was told you fixed her braces free of charge. I just want to say thank you for taking care of her. My wife and I were actually out of the country at the time, and we really appreciate how well she was treated and all the help you provided fixing her braces.”
– M. Mraz

“You have a very nice staff and practice. I’ve always been confident with your work on both my children’s teeth. Keep up the great work!”
– O’Hara

“Thank you kindly for all the time that everyone spent with us. We very much enjoyed our visit. Your practice is very friendly and inviting… exactly what it should be!”

– T. McGough

“I was especially pleased with the love and care provided to our family over the last 10 years. You have all become family to us.”
– D. Cashdollar

“Dear Dr. Smith, you have made the orthodontic experience for Connor and Oliver extremely pleasant. Wish to assure you that I feel full of praise to you in your skilled work and to your office. Particularly, want to thank you for so graciously “taking” Oliver several weeks ago when I came at the wrong time. Many thanks again to you and your office for several years of good work.”
– Mrs. Connor

“All of you guys have been our favorites – I love coming in, chatting, and having my magazine time. Thanks for making this a painless experience.”
– A. Durnell

“Everyone’s friendly and helpful service is second to none!”
– K. Dreslinski

“How attentive the staff always is and the child-friendly environment and how welcoming it is to kids!”
– Anonymous

“The small, but appreciated details such as Brace Bucks, cake upon completion, and overall pleasantness of the entire staff, ALL the time made it very enjoyable to do business with you. Two kids down, and three to go!”
– A. Baron

“As an adult patient, your office structure and staff could not have been more professional and respectful. You exceeded my expectations! Thank you for all you did to assist me in reaching this goal.”
– C. Bell

“Everyone on staff has been very kind, caring and understanding. As an adult with a lifelong fear of visiting the dentist, everyone at Smiles by Smith Orthodontics has made my experience a pleasant one. Not to mention the fantastic results! Thank you all so very much!”
– R. Rosfeld

“You and all of your staff have been nothing but terrific! It has been a real pleasure to work with professionals who are compassionate and seem to always strive to do their best! Thanks for my daughter’s beautiful smile!”
– M. King