Contests and Brace Bucks

Our Brace Bucks Rewards Program!

How it works

Earn Brace Bucks by doing things listed below. Each Brace Buck is worth $1. Turn in your Brace Bucks for gift cards to various retailers.

At your regular appointments:

  • Have excellent oral hygiene! That means good brushing and flossing! ($1)
  • Have no loose bands, broken brackets or bent wires. ($1)
  • Wear your Smiles by Smith T-shirt to your appointment. ($1)

If you really want to earn big:

  • Refer a friend. ($15)
  • Like us on Facebook. ($3)
  • See your general dentist for regular cleanings every 6 months. Have them sign or stamp our certificate, and bring it back with you. You or your dentist can print our certificate directly from our website. ($10)

Click on this link to print your Brace Buck certificate, and take it with you to the dentist at your next cleaning. Then bring it back to us for $10 Brace Bucks!



Not just an ordinary holiday contest!

This season it’s time for something a bit different, our co-worker Miranda is due to have her 1st baby on January 21st 2018.

Can you guess the following: Sex, Weight, and Birth date. Place your guesses on the slip provided and place in the jar.

Contest ends in January when she delivers baby!

Winner receives $15 Gift Card to Fandango!