Brace Bucks Rewards Program!


Earn Brace Bucks by doing the things listed below. Each Brace Buck is worth 1 Point. When you come to Smiles by Smith Orthodontics for your orthodontic appointment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can turn in your points for gift cards to various retailers!


  • Have excellent oral hygiene! That means good brushing and flossing. ( 1 )
  • Have no loose bands, broken brackets, or bent wires. ( 1 )
  • Wear your Smiles by Smith T-shirt to your appointment. ( 1 )
  • Wear your elastics/appliances as instructed. ( 1 )
  • Sign in on time. ( 1 )
  • Make your next appointment while in our office. ( 3 )
  • Fill out your general practice dentist letter
    Download Letter


  • See your general dentist for regular cleanings every six months, have them sign our certificate and bring it back with you. ( 10 )
  • Refer a friend to our office for orthodontic treatment. ( 15 )
  • Like us on Facebook. ( 3 )


  • Download the Smiles by Smith app and create an account.
  • Click on the menu button (upper left corner) and select REWARDS.
  • Your points will be visible at the top. Scroll through the gift cards/prizes, select which ones you would like and press confirm.
  • Request gift card/prize in the office.


  • Reward card must be present to receive reward points.
  • Replacement cards are available for a 10 point purchase.
  • Reward points are given at regularly scheduled appointments.
  • Points and gift cards are not redeemable for cash.
  • Points and prizes are subject to change at any time.
  • Dental reward points are available when returning a completed dental certificate.


Use this menu to redeem your brace bucks and brace buck points for super awesome gift cards!

Star Bucks logo
Starbucks $10 Gift Card for 20 Brace Buck Points
Giant Eagle logo with a Grilled Cheese
Giant Eagle $10 Gift card for 25 Brace Bucks Points
Subway logo
Subway $10 Gift Card for 25 Brace Bucks Points
Bath & Body Works logo
Bath & Body Works $15 Gift Card for 30 Brace Bucks Points
Gift card for multiple stores
Darden $25 Gift Card for 35 Brace Bucks Points
Panera logo
Panera Bread $25 Gift Card for 40 Brace Buck Points
Giant Eagle logo with Vegetables
Giant Eagle $25 Gift Card for 40 Brace Buck Points
Whole foods
Whole Foods Market $25 Gift Card for 40 Brace Bucks Points
Old Navy logo
Old Navy $25 Gift Card for 40 Brace Bucks Points
Under Armour logo
Under Armour $25 gift card for 55 Brace Buck Points
Target $25 Gift Card for 55 Brace Bucks Points
GameStop logo
Game Stop $25 Gift Card for 55 Brace Buck Points
American Eagle logo
American Eagle $25 Gift Card for 75 Brace Bucks Points
Amazon logo
Amazon $25 Gift Card for 75 Brace Bucks Points
You can also claim your gift cards on the Smiles by Smith App. Download it today in the App Store or Google Play store. Instructions on how to register are available at the front desk or from any of our friendly office team members.

If you have questions or would like to plan your visit with our orthodontist, Dr. Bradley D. Smith, contact us today at 412-963-7760 and a member of our team will be happy to help you! Good luck and we will see you soon!