LightForce Braces in Pittsburgh & Allison Park, Pennsylvania

One Size Fits One™

Looking for a teeth straightening treatment that fits your unique dental needs? We have just the solution for you! Our orthodontist and team offer orthodontic treatments with LightForce braces in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to help you achieve your ideal smile. Call a member of our team at Smiles by Smith Orthodontics to see how our advanced technology and LightForce braces can straighten your smile.

LightForce offers orthodontic treatment that is as unique as a fingerprint. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge solution that unites modern 3D-printing technology with fully digital treatment planning to provide you with a great experience and results. LightForce crafts custom-made braces that are built to precisely match the unique shape and orientation of your teeth, meaning that the overall treatment time is expedited, resulting in fewer office visits for you.

There are many reasons to choose LightForce braces for your treatment. Some of these benefits are:

  • Efficient Treatment (thanks to braces that are designed to exactly match your teeth)
  • Ideal Results (thanks to digital treatment planning and more effective bracket technology)
  • Perfect Fit (thanks to digital scans for perfectly-fitting braces)

Ultimately, LightForce braces offer a custom fit for every patient, which means less discomfort, more effective straightening and a shorter treatment time. LightForce is the next generation of tooth straightening: It’s more efficient, more personalized and more convenient than any other option on the market.

Want to learn more about what LightForce could do for your smile? Visit the LightForce website for more details on the technology or call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bradley D. Smith today at 412-963-7760.